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November Promos and Updates

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Check out Down Fire in this month’s promo. This will be the last promo for this year. What better way to spend quarantine than with a good read?


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Small Town Romance

  • Hello my fellow readers! Lots happening on my end. With NANOWRIMO happening this month, I've decided to take a look at The Affair Contract and get it ready for 2021 release.
  • Love or Lust Screenplay has gone through many revisions and is ready to be submitted for contests.
  • Deceived Screenplay is about 20 pages in and will continue in December.
  • I've been asked to talk in my Screenwriting group about adapting a novel into a screenplay, which will be my 1st time really diving in.
  • On November 8th, I'm scheduled to be an extra in a film that is shooting in Bethlehem, PA that will be available on Facebook and YouTube. It's a great way to network and start working on my lists for screenplay submissions.
I hope you all have been enjoying 2020 as much as you can and always check out Amazon for any latest deals and releases.

Happy Reading!

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